If you are a CPAP User, sleep clinician or Home Medical Equipment (HME) provider, you already know that the current system needs to be improved. Like many other healthcare systems, the CPAP Therapy System has evolved rapidly, yet has a lot of room for improvement and, indeed, must improve if the current players are to survive.

CPAP Horizon Project exists to help improve the current CPAP therapy system. Through partnerships and our own projects, we provide the interactive technology, standardized therapy protocols, shared resources, and economies of scale that bring efficiency and effectiveness to much higher levels than the current status quo.


Our First Major Project is a software application for CPAP Users, CPAP Equipment Providers and Clinicians. This new eHealth web application allows CPAP equipment providers to deliver a high standard of care and support to a large patient population in an efficient and economical manner. The ultimate aim of ManageMyCPAP is to improve patient satisfaction and adherence to therapy while, at the same time, reducing overhead and increasing revenue for CPAP providers.

ManageMyCPAP addresses many of the core issues that affect patient experience, clinical follow-up, and the ability for CPAP equipment providers run their businesses profitably.

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ManageMyCPAP.com for Patients/CPAP Users
ManageMyCPAP.com for Equipment Providers
ManageMyCPAP.com for Clinicians (coming soon)

CPAP Provider Directory

At CPAP Horizon Project, we believe the key to getting great results from CPAP therapy is a good equipment provider. ManageMyCPAP, as well as our overall strategy, is built around this relationship.

With ManageMyCPAP, we connect local CPAP providers with their patients. And also help unserved patients find local CPAP providers who can serve their needs.

The main tool we use to make that connection is the CPAP Horizon Project Provider Directory.

When CPAP users create an acount on Manage My CPAP, we ask them to choose their equipment provider from our directory. This is a required step because our app is only effective when each user is connected to a local equipment provider, so every patient must select one in order to use the app.

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Browse or Search The CPAP Equipment Provider Directory
Claim or Submit Your Directory Listing

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