Sleep Apnea Dana Point CA|Fatigue Issues|Dentist Dana Point, Energy Drink Capistrano Beach
“Sleep Apnea Dana Point CA ” video gives us an insight into the common sleep disorder. Sleep apnea is a disease that can affect our style of living. Sleep apnea prevents us from resting properly and causes fatigue issues and exhaustion. For many people, sleep apnea can be attributed to the constant interruptions to sleep as breathing is obstructed due to a misalignment of the jaw. The misalignment causes a cutoff of air to the airway, also resulting in snoring. Constant gasping for air during the night prevents deep sleep, and ends with exhaustion due to a restless night. Snoring usually indicates the presence of sleep apnea. Traditionally, a CPAP machine may help relieve sleep apnea except that it is so hard to use that most patients stop the usage. Through a dentist, sleep apnea and snoring can be alleviated with removable night guards. Sleep apnea has been linked to excess use of energy drinks. This video is made with Xtranormal.